Sunday, December 5, 2010

Everybody do become lazy after thanksgiving. DO not want to do homework. Do not want to go to class. Especially for me and friends around me;P This week were a week full of surprises. First of all, my music class TA ask me to rewrite my paper which i hand in in the beginning of this semester. and it final due MOnday. Secondly, got a email said we have to finish the homework online as soon as possible. What a surprise! i think i have never do that before. i think i need a list for homework now. Wish me a great week.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

After a holiday, i become more lazy than before. didnt finish homework yet. Hope next three weeks can go fast, because i cant wait winter break without any homework and see my family and friends. i have been here too long to forget who i was. If say study here is a war, go back to home is taking a break, get more energy and supply. Be ready for a better fight! But, before the break, let fight final exam. good luck everyone.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My friend- J is taking air plane for home now. Hope she has a safe and happy tripe. We have been friends only few month which is a good time. Maybe shot time stay here, make less friends is better than long time. Is so hard to say good bye. As international students, we have be ready go to another place anytime.J is right, never say good bye. should be see you:)We will see each other again. Have a good Thanksgiving with your family, J. We all miss you.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

i had an awsome week. Only had one class on Tuesday, another one was canceled. Even the only class is a test, it is better than write paper for me. I hate write papers at all, so i hate lingustic class!!! there is a holiday in this week too. NO school! Yeah~~ Thus, after the test on Tuesday, this week is down for me. hahah~ Next, i have to do the music test review. The worset thing for me are that the test on monday, probably cannot have a good weekend. Suggest professer can change it:P Get Math test and bio quize tmr. Math is a piece of cake for me. Only hope my bio lab quize can do better, cross finger~~ Alright, it is time to do bio quize review. byebye~

Thursday, November 4, 2010

terrible debate

Today, we did the debate in Hed class. I feel terrible about the debate. I didnt say anything on the debate. Now i understand my English is so weak!!! I do want do something on the debate, but i cant. People talk so fast. before i understand what they ask, there are someone answer the question. Thats so terrible. If i talk to someone, probably they will say you will be fine. I know i will be, but still feel bad about myself. Sometimes i think hunman being are so complex and contradictory. Its intersting. Whatever, I hate debate now. Dont want to do it anymore in my life!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creepy Halloween

creepy Halloween!!!!! Since last weekend, people become so crazy. They dressed up and get drunk all the time!! i was scared go outside at night. but i have to say, Halloween has so much fun. People wear customers, which is like a fashion show. Between friends, they will curious what you will be this year. Another reason why im scared Halloween is the horror movie. Before Halloween, all of the horror movie i have seen are repeating in my mind automatically. My brain is out off control. Haha. This year, i just have a very simple Halloween. For some reason, I didnt buy customers and go to any party. BUT, i expect next Halloween :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

went to st. Louis zoo on Saturday feels like i went back to childhood. Saw some animals i have never seen before. Learned few animals name in English that excited me,such as, hippo, bushdog, lizard. i was sleeping on the way to go to the zoo and the way back, which is like a old people. So i think i missed some funny part. We were stop for food. next to the restaurant is a country style store that i like so much. We had a great time in the restaurant.